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I'm Jennifer. Owner and artist of Wire-N-Whimsy®. I have always been creative and artsy. I especially love METAL!

I think growing up with a father who restored and painted classic cars and hot rods gave me my love of metal. I used to help him prep and sand the metal. I was his little helper, or nuisance. I started making jewelry in 2006 after getting laid off from my full time job. I found that my items DID sell and people liked what I was doing. So I started an Etsy shop, thinking, what's there to lose?

I slowly started making sales but it was not until we moved to Atlanta in 2009 for my husband job that I decided to put all my energy into the shop. I was in a new state, no childcare and hungry for my own business. I worked hard and it paid off. Running my shop became my full time job! I love designing and coming up with new ideas.
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